Women's Healing Collective

1:1 Coaching with Ashley Provencher

When's the last time you looked in the mirror and thought "I'm fricken AWESOME!"?


If it took you a couple of minutes to pinpoint it, or if you just realized you've never told yourself that, it's probably time to give yourself some loving, self-care.

As women, we are usually seen as the glue that keeps everything together, and it often comes at the price of putting ourselves last. We have tons of responsibilities that come with managing work, family and friends. When we don't make ourselves a priority, our confidence deflates, fear and doubt rise to the surface and we become a shadow of the woman we always wanted to be. 

It becomes easy for that nagging voice in our heads to take over, telling us things like "I'm not good enough", "I'd be happier if I was thinner," "No one likes me", and so on and so on and so on ... until we suddenly can no longer trust our own judgment and abilities.

Wouldn't it be nice to once and for all eliminate that train of thought and ooze self-confidence instead? The path you are truly meant to be on is closer than you think.


In this immersive, 12-week program, you'll learn how to:

Build self-confidence, heal trauma, speak to yourself in a more loving manner, set boundaries for yourself and with others, gain positive body image, empower yourself and other females in your orbit and align with the path your are meant to be on!

Included with your coaching:

  • Three distance Reiki sessions

  • Three Tarot card readings

  • One full sized "Body Care" package containing Cleo's Cleansing Oil, Detox Bath Salts, Tired Puppy Foot Soak, a bar of seasonally crafted soap and a Hippy Healer salve

  • Workbooks

  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls per month

  • Support during your transformation

What Other Women Are Saying About
The Healing Collective

"During the last several years I was going through a difficult time in my life with feelings of guilt, sadness and at times, despair. I had met with several professional therapists, but no one seemed to understand or really connect with the issues I was experiencing.  

To this end, I contacted Ashley at Golden Rays Apothecary and Wellness and instantly she helped me make sense of my situation. I attended numerous sessions with Ashley, which helped lift a huge mental weight off myself. Ashley’s approach to my wellness has inspired me to happily write this short excerpt of my experience at Golden Rays Apothecary.  

My sessions with Ashley were always engaging and challenging, sometimes manifesting personal emotions, which served to challenge my thinking further. She was a phenomenal listener, and she effectively encouraged me to re-appraise how I viewed the world. Ashley was careful in her approach to this, and always ensured it was appropriate and I was willing to be challenged.  I left my sessions with Ashley feeling more positive, energized and renewed.  

Ashley possesses the attributes of a terrific Wellness Coach. She is practical, empathetic, and rational. She is ethical, thoughtful, balanced yet direct and to the point. Ashley provided such a great atmosphere for me and my moments were some of the most honest, productive and therapeutic experiences I have had with anyone.

I absolutely recommend Ashley to others." - N.R

"If you're looking for a coach who is authentic and truly believes in her work and how it can help you, then Ashley is for you. From my experience, Ashley is fully invested, 100% committed and completely present at each session. She has an uncanny ability to listen to what you are saying and respond back exactly what you need to hear. Ashley helps you to see for yourself where your resistance and fears reside. She has a way of leading you toward self discovery and insight, all the while being patient and compassionate on all levels. All this deeper work helped me to shed the weight of uncomfortable feelings, to not resist them and to work through them as they come up.

I recommend Ashley to anyone searching for a life coach to help you achieve your goals. She is an amazing human being." - L.G

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