What is Mercury Retrograde and How does it affect YOU?

So first let me cover what Mercury Retrograde actual is, and how it normally affects people and their energies.

Mercury (and other planets) go into what is known as a “retrograde”, where it appears that the planet is moving backwards instead of its regular orbit around the sun. It is an optical illusion; however, it still messes with our energies. While there is no scientific evidence that things really can be blamed on this astronomical occurrence, we know that it can cause headaches. Missed flights, contracts not working out, electronics acting up and people from the past reappearing. This is a time of closure for a lot of people, it can also bring about communication issues if you are not clear and concise about what we are trying to communicate. Mercury is the ruler of all communication like listening, learning, speaking, reading, editing, negotiation, buying and selling.

You may wonder if there is any reason to leave your home in a time like this. I say yes! There are times that Mercury retrograde is beneficial to us. One, it can keep you on your toes and help you become adaptable to situations. It can also help us to have the drive to power through things that we thought might do us in. Mercury is fiery, and if you have the right mind set, you can engage that fire to help you.

I used to hate the retrograde period. 3 weeks of things not working properly?! How was I supposed to live life when this happens 3 times a year! Well, I changed my mind set. You see, you can get through any rough patch in your life with the right mind set. So, I became determined to use the patience that Creator has been trying to teach me, the discernment of what and how different instances were right or wrong for me. I have used this energy to relax, release, and let go of situations and people that were not for my highest good. I use it to be my quiet period. For me, this time means introspection.

Do my electronics act up? Always, every retrograde. However, I am able to take a breath and move slower as that is what the planet is doing. Do I have a hard time hearing properly? You bet. That’s when I ask for clarification. Do I have people from my past coming? Absolutely. When that happens, I simply take stock of what is happening, why they came back into my life, and what I can learn from them, and what they can learn from me.

I urge you to enjoy this period. Yes, it is usually a fucky time in life, but with the right mind set you can actually make it work for you!

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