October Stone of the Month: Opal

Opal is a stone associated with the element of Air... Fire Opal touching on our passions and drive making it an excellent stone for business... Opal fosters love, passion, loyalty and faithfulness because of this it has been used in engagement rings for centuries... some believe that if you wear this stone and you are not a Libra or born in the month of October then it can bring bad luck... Historically speaking the superstition was that if you wore an engagement ring set with Opal the woman would be cursed with sorrow and widowhood... Some believed that white Opals were unlucky but that black were very lucky... In the 14th century it was believed that an Opal lost its luster when its owner perished "stated during the time of the Black Death".

I myself have always been drawn to the beauty of Opal but have yet to possess one... I like the flash of colour and variety that you can find in jewelry stores from white to black and every hue in between... they speak of old world knowledge and universal mystery. They seem rather a romantic stone in my opinion and even potentially tragic if history is to be believed.

Opals have been used by Shamans and Magic makers for eons... for dream walking in Australian aboriginal culture and for vision quests by the Native American indians... Sorcerers in ancient times wrapped opal in fresh bay leaf to attain invisibility while wearing opal as an amulet to aid in astral projection, to remember past lives and to strengthen clairvoyant gifts... While white opal is suggested to only be worn by those born in the month of October or under the sign of Libra it is said that a black opal can be worn by all.

Opal promotes emotional balance and stability... if you dream of Opals you will receive great possessions... You can use Opal for enhancing cosmic consciousness, originality and dynamic creativity... it can be used to induce visions and bring spontaneity... Medicinally Opal can assist with Parkinson's disease, can strengthen memory, can help with infections and fevers, can purify the blood and kidneys, can regulate insulin and even ease childbirth.

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