November Stones & Crystals

Two stones pop up on first blush... Yellow Topaz and Citrine... they connect us to the warmth of the sun and help us to reaffirm our personal power. If we allow the energies of either of these stones into our fields, they will help us to shine a light on the root cause of whatever is creating discomfort in our bodies or our lives... We have the ability to empower ourselves by encouraging the energy of the sun into our being, not to burn any negatives out of our systems but to gently release them with engagement of our hearts.

Yellow Topaz is a stone that can help us to manifest our intentions and to help align them with divine will. It can help to instill faith in our connections with divinity and our own abundance, enabling us to welcome more things to be thankful for in our lives. Always in alignment with our own highest good.

Citrine is a stone that literally contains the power of the sun in every point of the crystal... It is the stone of the merchant... put it in your cash box or into your change bowl to enhance your connections to abundance and gratitude for what you already do have... Citrine brings clarity to any situation and understanding, enabling a change in perspective.

These stones are excellent for our solar plexus chakras energizing and activating our personal power centre.

So, as we enter the winter months when our warmth is determined by the number of layers we are in... incorporate the energies of these stones to warm your soul.

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