Happiness Isn’t a Destination, It’s a Lifestyle

It really isn’t a destination. There is no magical place where all the concerns of the Earthly plane melt away and the air glitters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it is was though? We could all just book a flight and land in this magical place. No bills, no worries, no anxieties. Ah… but what if I told you that you could achieve this feeling every day?

Every minute we have the option to allow the things we have no control over to have control over us, or we can control what our reaction is. Really, if you think about it, trying to control the outside world is a losing battle. You will not be able to do it, and you will burn out in the process. You will lose sleep, lose peace of mind, lose your “happy destination”.

However, if we understand that we do not have the ability to control everything that everyone does, if we understand that the power that we do have is the control over ourselves, we are able to see that our energy prefers to be high, light and happy. Worrying over the little things doesn’t allow our energy to do and feel that way.

It is a hard lifestyle change if you were constantly negative, to suddenly start thinking positive thoughts. Sometimes it will take will power. You see, negativity is so much easier to operate in. Scientifically, each atom in our body vibrates. The slower vibrations are what we call “negative, lower energies”. It doesn’t take much work to vibrate slow. It doesn’t expend a whole lot of energy. If the atoms in our bodies are vibrating fast, these are the positive energies. Our body has to really work to maintain this.

This is why you see people that exercise (in whatever form, not just 7 days a week body building buffs) are happier. The physical movement helps to keep the atoms vibrating at a faster pace. I’m not telling to you to go and get a gym membership, just showing an example. Laughter does it as well. Being around those certain people in our life does it too.

The most important way to change the happiness from destination to lifestyle is to accept that we have no control over anyone or anything other than ourselves. When we chose to keep healthy self -talk, healthy relationships, healthy eating and gratitude we realize that the destination itself isn’t somewhere, but inside each of us.

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