August Stones and Crystals

When thinking about birthstones for the month of August we normally think of Peridot as the first and only but did you know that Citrine is also a stone for Leo? The star sign of Leo is ruled by the sun and as such I figured we would talk about an equally powerful crystal, Citrine.

Citrine draws on the energy of the sun, it does not accumulate negative energy but dissipates and transmutes it helping us to work out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. Additionally, it never needs clearing or cleansing.

Citrine is excellent in the cash box at work or in the piggy bank at home because it connects us to our abundance and eases us out of lack filled thoughts giving us the freedom to draw more abundance to us.

Citrine has been used to balance yin yang energies and to align the chakras with the ethereal plane. It activates, opens and energizes the sacral and solar plexus chakras igniting our personal power, creativity and intelligent thought, allowing us access to mental focus and endurance.

Citrine reminds us of how truly bright our inner light really is, allows us to laugh without restraint.

Citrine also helps with mental focus when looking into furthering one's education and expanding ones business pursuits, linking us to the path of our highest good for our highest good.

As a person who uses these stones on my healing path, I must also add a caution... the stones themselves are powerful but without your intent to guide their energies, they can become just pretty crystals sitting in a bowl collecting dust.

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